Kenzie Madison – I’ve Seen You & This House Somewhere


I’m looking for a house to buy and today Kenzie Madison is showing me a house. She’s super hot though, her ass looks so juicy! I bet I’ve seen her somewhere but can’t recall where. As she’s showing me the house I can tell that I’ve seen this house too somewhere, the bedroom and the bed all look familiar. Kenzie then tells me that the house belongs to the famous pornographer and she herself has also shot some videos here. I knew I had seen that ass somewhere! As she’s telling me all this, I guess she’s getting a little horny I guess ’cause she starts bending over and shakes her ass. She says she’s willing to do anything to get the sale done. I wonder if she’ll ride my dick?

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Date: October 23, 2021
Pornstars: Kenzie Madison